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Search Instagram Accounts - Breach Database Search

There are currently 462,571,547 accounts in Instagram Database

and about 10 billion accounts in our Leaked Database.

Latest databases (Dubsmash,Linkedin,Houzz,Edmodo,Zynga,Canva,Evite,Wattpad,Collection #1-5)


We have two basic services

  1. Search Instagram Users
  2. Leaked Passwords

How to search for instagram users ?

In this service, by entering the values you want,
you will get a lot of useful information about Instagram accounts.
But, this is not a free service.for each search.
we will deduct (10 - 40) coins from your balance. Read More

A brief explanation of the Instagram accounts

Each Instagram account has the following parameters:

  • UserID
  •     This is a unique number for each Instagram account.
  • Username
  •     User name of Instagram account.
  • Fullname
  •     Full name of Instagram account.
  • Biography
  •     A brief description of the Instagram account.
  • Follower Count
  •     The number of Instagram followers.
  • Following Count
  •     The number of Instagram followings.
  • Is Verified
  •     Is the Instagram account verified ?
  • Is Private
  •     Is the Instagram account private ?
  • External URL
  •     a URL used in Instagram account (Website, Email, ...)

How Can I use this service (Instagram Informer) ?

You must register first, then buy your appropriate service and
Increase your account balance (coins).

Where does this information come from ?

This information is collected around one year.
That's why we don't provide free service.
Of course to begin, we will give you 300 free coins.

This information is not complete yet !!
It's natural the information of many users have changed during this period.

Please explain more about how to search and the results

Our database contains millions of instagram records.
You can fill in the form values according to the information you need.

Note that at each search, 100 records are retrieved and 10 records per page.
The minimum cost per search is 10 coins.
The search cost may vary by selecting different fields (10 - 40 coins).

Now the question is :
If I want to see more records according to the conditions I have set,
what can I do ?

Note that all results are sorted by UserID.
So, To do this, you should write down the last UserID you see,
Then enter the same values in the search form, just fill in the field
"Instagram UserId > " with the one you've written.
For more information, you can see Examples


What is Leaked Passwords ?

Websites are hacked daily and their data are stolen by hackers.
This data usually includes the personal information,
including passwords (which are often encrypted, but not always),
emails, full names, usernames, etc.
Leaked Passwords is a collection of this data found online.

How Can I use this service (Leaked Passwords) ?

  • Free Service
  •     In the free service,you can enter your username or email, and we search it in
        our database and we'll tell you,where you have been pwned (hacked) before.
  • Purchase Service
  •     In the purchase service in addition to the above service,
        We can show you the passwords (If we cracked the corresponding password).
        For each password, we will deduct 20 coins from your balance.

For more information, you can see "Leaked Password Examples" on this page.


What is the payment method ?

For your privacy and security, We prefer payments through Bitcoin.
If you do not have a Bitcoin account, read here to open a bitcoin account.

How can I recharge my account ?

1- Register an account.

2- Login to your account.

3- Go to the Purchase page and read the related steps.

4- Please note : after selecting the service, click the BTC button to appear the
bitcoin account number and then transfer the exact amount (not more not less)
after the payment, enter the transaction Id
in the corresponding box and click on "Charge My Account" button.


Account Info

You can see your account specification, include balance, change password in Account Menu.

If your question is not here, please Contact us.