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Search Instagram Accounts - Breach Database Search

There are currently 462,571,547 accounts in Instagram Database

and about 10 billion accounts in our Leaked Database.

Latest databases (Dubsmash,Linkedin,Houzz,Edmodo,Zynga,Canva,Evite,Wattpad,Collection #1-5)

How to Hack Instagram's Accounts

Caution !!

This article is educational and is intended for use by security researchers,

Any misuse of this method for hacking people is the person's responsibility.

1- Let's start ...

One of the common mistakes made by people is choosing the same username and password for different programs and websites. For example, we often use the same username and password to join sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and etc, because if you want to use different usernames and passwords for each website, It's hard to remember all of them, and the problem starts right here !!

Now, suppose one of these sites is hacked and information is stolen by hackers. now the hackers have your information. and they can login to all of the sites you are registered before. (Because your username and password are the same on all sites).

Leaked Passwords tells you, your username and email on which sites may be hacked.

2- What can I do with Instagram Informer ?

Basically, hackers are looking for accounts with most followers or accounts with specific properties. for example, those who entered the email address on their accounts or those who have 100,000 followers or ...

Instagram Informer exactly does the same for you !!

You will receive a list of the accounts by filling in the required fields.

But since some users change their username frequently to protect their security, You can use the "If Username changed?" link in the output table to make sure the information is correct and whether or not the username has changed.

Keep in mind that Instagram UserID of everybody is always fixed and does not change with the username's change !! That's why we will be able to easily find the new username by having UserID.

3- what is the Next step ?

And now with the usernames of the step 2, we will go back to the first step to check whether these usernames have already been hacked before or not ?
and if they are already hacked on a site, we will easily get the password.

4- Conclusion

You can use this technique not only for the Instagram, but also for any other programs as well.
So the best advice is : don't use the same password in different sites,
and change your passwords alternately.